nah son, i ain’t got no snapchat. I’m old-fashioned. just fax it to me. fax me the nudes.

Oh oh, did you see that Pokemon tgc is actually coming to the virtual console?? It was confirmed!

Yeah, I heard rumors that it’s coming with a demo code for oras but WHEN??? I’m super pumped rn.

I hate when people make fun of people excited for the ORAS demo because “You could just wait a month and get the real game” or “Why not just play idk RUBY AND SAPPHIRE INSTEAD!?”

Do they not understand the fact that the ORAS demo has its own separate story from the other games or do they just like to pointlessly bash on EXTRA EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR A GAME THEY ARE EXCITED ABOUT!?

Sorry! I’ve been playing so much TCGO recently I accidentally added the O :P

Sorry! I’ve been playing so much TCGO recently I accidentally added the O :P


Ace Attorney is a game that’s very near and dear to my heart! I am planning on making double-sided zipper bags of these designs in the near future and will open a pre-order for them if anyone is interested!

I heard a rumor that Pokemon TCG is coming to 3ds virtual console… I’m REALLY excited :D

It feels so weird getting back on tumblr after not being on since Thursday…

  • sam: its not incest if its love!!
  • sam: *laughs* that used to be my catch phrase
  • sam: *dies laughing*
  • sam: *is dead and crying from laughter*
  • three minutes later
  • sam: *is still laughing*
mutuals this is actually really fun go


Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

1. First impression:
2. Truth is: 
3. How old do you look: 
4. Have you ever made me laugh:
5. Have you ever made me mad: 
6. Best feature:
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
8. You’re my:
9. Name in my phone:
10. Should you post this too?

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